Development Team

The Teach Me to Worship curriculum has been a collaborative effort using the gifts of many who serve in children’s ministry. The original concept for the curriculum came from the minds of Sue Jakes and B.A. Snider. The staff of Orangewood Presbyterian Church in Maitland, FL developed these early ideas. Debby Sutton (with some input from Maggie Moore and B.A. Snider) wrote the material that has been used at Orangewood for a number of years.

In 2014, the staff of CDM began to adapt the curriculum developed at Orangewood. Material was added and elements reorganized. A number of churches volunteered to test the material and provide feedback so the finished product would serve a variety of congregations. Teach Me to Worship was ready for a rolling release in August 2015.

Contributors to the current version of the curriculum include:

  • Cindy Bennett

  • Dennis Bennett

  • Mary Davis

  • John Dunahoo

  • Stephen Estock

  • Chip Evans

  • Samantha Goodman

  • Sue Jakes

  • Marlys Roos

  • B.A. Snider

  • Cami Summers

  • Stacey VanVoorhis

Monthly Units

Each of the 12 monthly units have four lessons. For the complete curriculum outline click here.